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Title: fecal fetish
Type: review
Date: June 20th, 2003

Lots of variations on rum and coke.

They're still showing their own paltry income in a blatant attempt at public access panhandling.

Joe recites one of the nastiest bits of prose I've ever heard on Television from a little book by Keith Reddin called, coincidently, “Rum & Coke”. As jokes go (they set it up as a dramatic reading of serious literature) it's too long for pure shock value. Joe does a surprisingly good job of recitation, though; he kept a straight face through the whole thing. Incredibly, B manages to misspell both the first and last names of the author despite having the book available.

This episode has an uncanny focus on the buttocks and associated anatomy. They start with sitting and by the end of the program feature “Coprophagia Corner”. I could have lived my entire life without knowing what “coprophagia” means and been happy in my ignorance.

J is having a problem with overusing the phrase “as it were”. A severe problem, as it were.

Also, a salute to Peg McLarren, queen of Hoosier clogging, and berating Lyndon Larouche for idiotic statements he made regarding the placement of female genitalia.

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Censored for the first time -- but not the last.

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J talks while B drinks.

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