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February 5th, 2024:

Secrets of Public Access TV Iceberg Explained

Aaand here's a big iceberg video on the mysteries of public access television, from the fabulous Joey Engelman. It's one hour and 22 minutes. ROX leads off Tier 4 (of 6) at 40:16. Or catch it on TikTok! Enjoy!

January 12th, 2024:

About These Shorts

Video Shorts is a compilation of videos produced in late 1989 and early 1990, during my senior year of college. The only clear date for the work is the so-called “production date,” which in this case is clearly before any of the video was actually produced. I went to BCAT on or around 4 June 1989, according to my journal, and while there I must have submitted paperwork to begin the program that would ultimately become the Video Shorts compilation. I really don't know what I had in mind at the time. Perhaps I just wanted an open production so I could check out equipment; I suspect this is how I produced “Poontang” that fall. Most of the remainder of these videos were completed in the “Seminar in the Visual Arts” class I took the following spring. “Humanoid Artifact” was a separate production around the same time. Assemblage of the Video Shorts comp was probably completed that spring or later in 1990.

Here's the program:

Poontang, Video Rap, Profile of an Artistic Genius, Stories for People, Seizure, Scooter Combs His Hair, They'll Know We Are Christians, Pledge, Smoking Machine, The Day the Entire Universe Stood Still, Skinhead Rap, Humanoid Artifact, Middle Class Reality Check

September 22nd, 2023:

Take Back the Nightcap

It was recently brought to our attention that J&B's Nightcap did not survive our domain migration a couple years back. The people are clamoring, and who are we to deny the people? The old podcast has been restored. We're not recording any new episodes, luckily. But the hoary old archive has been restored. Check it out.

June 9th, 2023:

Harken back to 1972...

... when Christy was a wee lass, a mere three years of age. Mom and Dad wanted to go out and party for the famous Little Five Hundred weekend in Bloomington, Indiana. Their usual babysitter was not available, so little Christy gets a chance to make some new friends, and to play the role of cultural ambassador for an evening. Special thanks to Mary Ann Koruth for extra voice talent!
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Happy J
Is he on drugs or something?

5th Grade Teacher
Holy heck! It's Xy's 5th grade teacher!! And now Xy is a 5th grade teacher!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!!

Your Weary Editor
Editor B logs long hours on decks.

J&B at the Courthouse
J&B introduce themselves to the world at large in front of the Monroe County Courthouse as they kick off their most notorious episode.

Random pix:
J samples the Insomniac.

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