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If you have high speed internet, you can watch ROX online. You can browse through our episode guide or look at our most recent additions. If you're feeling particularly masochistic, check out our comprehensive listing of all our media files. You can also use the handy links at the left to browse through our content on some big streaming platforms.

You can get select episode of ROX on DVD: Season One and Season Zero. Each DVD set is made by hand, no foolin'.

If you live in Monroe County, Indiana, and you have cable, you can sometimes watch ROX on Community Access Television Services (CATS). Check the "public channel" schedule. If you don't see a listing for ROX, keep in mind that they play requests. Or at least they used to, back when we lived in Bloomington.

P.S. If you have Dish Network, you can watch FreeSpeech TV. We haven't been on there for years, but you never know.

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The geographical distance between Lousiana and Montana is an obstacle to making ROX.

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