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Title: [No Title]
Type: review
Date: October 16th, 2004

Is speech property? Ideas? Is ROX property?
rox started as a community property on open community access.
i would say it is communal property managed by our editor who owns the title.

People were once considered property in many parts of the world. Now we consider slavery to be evil. Could our attitudes about other forms of property undergo a similarly profound transformation in the future?

people are still property as indentured servants, wage slaves--
but who put the chains on?

What is the connection between owning property and the right to vote?
it's to make sure people exist. people without addresses do not in many senses exist, to the federal goverment, the statistics, to the view outside your window--

Is the idea of porperty universal to all cultures?
no, get that book of people and their stuff, i'll send you a cheap acquirement link

* Why is ownership of a piece of land referred to as a “title”?

to be titled is to present a name/category in whatever context for whatever reason

in the case of having a title as in royalty, these are obvious links to long term ownership and protection of a piece of land as literal and symbolic origin.

ENtitlement-- another issue

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