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When hoarding communists meet forgetful storytellers


Title: When hoarding communists meet forgetful storytellers
Type: production note
Date: February 26th, 2005

I thought I remembered the story well: during finals week back in 1988, an old college roommate named Phil, who was suffering from a splitting headache, asked another roommate named Dan for some aspirin. It was well-known in our house that Dan, an avowed communist, possessed a gargantuan bottle of aspirin that his mother, a nurse, had given him. It was also well-known that Dan had been hoarding not only his toiletries and aspirin in his room, but also his food, so as not to share. Some communist, eh?

Anyway, on that occasion, Dan claimed he didn't have any aspirin, and left the house. Phil went into Dan's room and took some aspirin. Upon Dan's return later, Phil accused him of lying, and the situation soon devolved into a huge shouting match that involved several people in our house.

Well, that's how the story went in my memory. Somewhere along the way, Editor B pointed out to me that this story (which he had heard me tell in the past) would fit nicely with the theme of ROX #91, “Property is Theft.” So I loaded up the camera and tripped on over to Brooklyn, New York, to visit Phil and another of our old roommates, Aeric, who is now a well-known, rather, erotic art photograher.

In between talking about Dan's penis, they set me straight on how the story actually went, including my own involvement in the story.

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