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Pledge Lyrics


Title: Pledge Lyrics
Type: production note
Date: February 23rd, 2006

you can't make an omelot without breakin some eggs
and that's why the government has gotta bust heads man
they gotta do what they gotta do
they gotta job for the man in blue
cuz things might get outta hand
with a brave people livin in a free land
they might try to liberate — checkmate --
thank god for the power of the state

hail to the almighty dollar
now it doesn't take a white collar scholar to follow this
cuz i think we all know
the people with the dough control the whole show
so go, go, you're the cream of the crop
so why should you stop? you rise to the top
and let it trickle down to the rest of the nation
thank god for the fascist corporation

I pledge mindless allegiance to the flag
of the Corporate Empire of America
and to the elitist oligarchy for which it stands:
One nation, under a crackpot occult spook
indivisible — except by lust for power --
with liberty for the privileged classes
and justice subservient to capitalist interests

and a word to the unwashed masses:
get off your asses — take off your rose-colored glasses
and if you're ready for a radical statement
compare welfare to the tax abatement
one for the poor, one for the rich
now tell me what's the reason that you never pitch a bitch
about the c e o suckin on the government tit
oh but i don't understand it
how could i? it's too deep
and i'm just one of the stupid sheep

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