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Title: The worst episode in the entire series
Type: production note
Date: February 27th, 2006

This is surely, or at least hopefully, the worst episode in the entire series of J&B on the Rox. It is worth watching only so that you can feel better about yourself: That you know deep in your heart that you could do better, even if you were drunk.

One of the primary culprits in this travesty of videography was the fact that we attempted to tech-up, using lavalier mics instead of the camera's built-in mic. Trouble was, we kept forgetting to pin those mics on our chests, leading to long segments of video that did not make the cut due to technical difficulties. What was left is technically okay, at least by the standards of that time given our resources. But content-wise, it's astonishingly empty.

This episode does boast an array of guests, which is a good thing. It boasts an array of topics, which in this case is a bad thing, since we barely brush the surface of the topics we confront.

All in all, this was an episode that suffered from poor planning, poor execution, and poor coping when things went sour.

Viewers who had happened on all of the episodes up til this one perhaps gained some hope from my line late in the show: “Almost anything can happen — look what happened with Jesus.”

Still, this is a god-awful mess. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

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