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Title: Stop clamoring, already!
Type: production note
Date: February 24th, 2007


Re: ROX #58

Because I know so many people have waited so long for it, here is the photo of Bart I shot when he was videotaping me at the Easter party, which I just found in a box in my parents' basement:


Likewise, here is a link to my small set of photos featuring Rox regulars.

Notes on the episode: Embarrassment about my impromptu interpretation of "Jessie's Girl" and my general 19-or-20-year-old (it ran in 1993, but was filmed earlier than that, I think) naiveté and my various forms of inebriation aside, it's worth a look. I swear I had to be high when was claiming to feel some sort of spiritual connection to Terry's septum piercing. I think. The fact that I said that my hair was "finally healthy" when it so obviously wasn't is further evidence.

Anyhow, the few minutes with me in it are at least interesting in that "let's see a version of Liza by which she's both embarrassed and impressed in retrospect" way and Christy plucking the nuts from her teeth with that toothpick and going around to all the Little 500 parties rules. Oh, shit, and Terry's disenchantment with The Man—a disenchantment that all artsy, hippy, theatre types must have while living in a college town—is pricelessly predictable but earnest and hilarious.

I also feel a warning must be in place: Brace yourself for some hot capybara-on-swimming-pool action.

Update 06.24.09: I'm back in Bton after more than a decade away. Last night, a guy at the Bluebird came up to me and said, "You're Jessie's Girl!" I thought it was a non sequitur until he explained that this was one his favorite episodes and he thought I was hilarious and ran off into the night. So, dude, if you're reading: Thanks!

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