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Title: Classic
Type: production note
Date: March 29th, 2012

Eric White:
For me, this video is classic Christy Paxson. Like all the videos I made, it could have been edited a lot tighter. But it has some great bits of Christy improv. My favorite part is the sequence starting from the fake smashing into the trash can and leading into the dress store where Christy slips into a character performance using the red & white dresses as props.

I also remember that Christy told me that the grimace she has near the end wasn't about the woman walking behind her, as it appears, but was about some kitschy thing they were selling.

We got a lot of flack from the Mall after the fact. They must have had complaints from Pass Pets about our filming there. They told the TV station they didn't want anyone filming in there again without permission. So, when we made a later video at a drug store on Mother's Day, we hid the camera in a shopping basket.

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