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Title: At the center
Type: production note
Date: June 24th, 2018

Mr. G:
One thing I have found continually delightful in so many of the ROX episodes is the experimentation with storytelling. One approach is to wrap a story around some starting point, big or small. A word. A theme. A task. In this case, how to get Mr. G up the side of a hill to a train trestle. No question about why, or is it worth the effort. A suspension of practicality and judgement which is where all the magic and hilarity begins!

Wait! That's not a production note is it? Who cares!

Fine. You want a production note, I'll give you a production note. In this episode I was driving a Purple 1968 Plymouth Valiant. It had a 225 Slant Six. I bought it in New Jersey for $500 from an insurance salesman who FAILED to tell me the car would pop INTO gear if you left it idling in PARK!

No one was ever harmed by this particular defect, but I had to chase my car through the yard on several occasions!

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