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Title: About These Shorts
Type: production note
Date: January 12th, 2024

Video Shorts is a compilation of videos produced in late 1989 and early 1990, during my senior year of college. The only clear date for the work is the so-called “production date,” which in this case is clearly before any of the video was actually produced. I went to BCAT on or around 4 June 1989, according to my journal, and while there I must have submitted paperwork to begin the program that would ultimately become the Video Shorts compilation. I really don't know what I had in mind at the time. Perhaps I just wanted an open production so I could check out equipment; I suspect this is how I produced “Poontang” that fall. Most of the remainder of these videos were completed in the “Seminar in the Visual Arts” class I took the following spring. “Humanoid Artifact” was a separate production around the same time. Assemblage of the Video Shorts comp was probably completed that spring or later in 1990.

Here's the program:

Poontang, Video Rap, Profile of an Artistic Genius, Stories for People, Seizure, Scooter Combs His Hair, They'll Know We Are Christians, Pledge, Smoking Machine, The Day the Entire Universe Stood Still, Skinhead Rap, Humanoid Artifact, Middle Class Reality Check

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Video Shorts
Title frame for "Video Shorts." Clever, eh? Do you get it? It's a play on words.

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