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Pix for The Eternal Return

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ROX: The Eternal Return: Pix
The Eternal Return
1. Title frame for "The Eternal Return." J, Worm and XY display their bellies.

B Chin
2. Editor B takes it on the chin.

Apple B.J.
3. J gets ready to mix an Apple B.J.

46.1% of People in Alabama May Risk Going to Hell
4. Another frightening statistic.

Chance Encounter
5. Our neighbor, Chance, pops over for a brief visit.

Apple B.J. 2
6. J gets ready to mix another Apple B.J.

7. Friedrich Nietzsche coined the term "monotono-theism."

Monotono-theism B
8. B introduces another vocabulary word.

9. XY and Worm provide an impromptu vocal track.

10. Circles are all around us.

11. "A three-dimensional circle is called a sphere."

You Can Almost Smell It
12. A televisual experience so raw, so gripping, so real...

Apple B.J. 3
13. J gets ready to mix yet another Apple B.J.

J w/J&B
14. J brandishes a bottle of our namesake, J&B Scotch.

Behind Wylie
15. B tries the back door of Wylie House, but it's locked.

Wylie Curator
16. The curator of Wylie House welcomes the ROX crew.

Wylie Gizmo
17. This fine antique gizmo was just one of the many intriguing objects on display at Wylie House.

18. B needs a drink.

Apple B.J. 4
19. J gets ready to mix another Apple B.J. This is starting to seem strangely familiar...

Anarchy Diary: Installment #3
20. The third installment of Anarchy Diary appeared in ROX #40, "The Eternal Return."

TBlack in the Kitchen
21. TBlack reports from the kitchen of La Bamba's, working the cash register for minimum wage.

TBlack Laughs
22. Ha ha ha!

Posterized Lighter
23. The lighter makes its appearance.

Apple B.J. 5
24. It's late. Must be time for another Apple B.J.

25. All our drinks are made with simulated alcohol.

26. Worm is for real.

Another Receipt
27. We kept getting bundles of receipts in the mail from someone named "Joe M. Ma."

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