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Pix for Golden Showers

More about Golden Showers

ROX: Golden Showers: Pix
J&B Toast
1. J&B drink a toast to their 50th episode. It seemed like a big number at the time.

Camera Operator Alan
2. J's brother often wielded the ROX camera.

3. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we lit these candles in a urinal in the Indiana University's Main Library. What, you've got a better idea?

Julie Against Cops
4. Julie thought all the cops in Bloomington should be fired.

Brennan for Anarchy
5. Brennan sez, "Give Anarchy a Chance."

Molly Anti-Anarchy
6. Molly is skeptical of the efficacy of anarchism as way of organizing human affairs.

Beck Chapel Rafters
7. These elegant rafters are one of the most beautiful features of charming Beck Chapel.

That's J in the Mirror
8. J videotapes himself in a mirror within Beck Chapel, while B stands in the background.

9. Hoosiers play their favorite game/religion at the HPER Building on the campus of Indiana University.

Male Symbol
10. A fitting symbol for the modern man: generic, stripped of individual identity, trapped in a box!

Anal J
11. J looks over Anal's shoulder. They're siblings, if you couldn't tell.

Ash Tits
12. Someone put out a cigarette on this poor woman's breasts. We didn't do it, we just videotaped the aftermath. Honest, officer.

Urine Dance
13. A quick check of the catalog reveals an interesting treatise on the "urine dance" of the Zuni Indians.

B's Embarrassing Earrings
14. To his eternal chagrin, B donned these blinking "50" earrings to celebrate ROX #50.

ALVA Matrix
15. A typical end credit from our second season.

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