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ROX: Brew Ha Ha: Pix
J&B at the M.E.A.D.
1. Hanging with Mark, Eric, Andy and Daryl at the MEAD Femtobrewery -- J videotapes while B samples the wares.

Brew Title
2. Title frame for ROX #76.

John Sparge
3. One should not confuse the name John Barge with "sparge" which is a technical term in the brewing of beer.

Forklift Steve
4. It's good to know people who can lift heavy things.

5. We drank a Zima with Dave Ossman of the Firesign Theater!

Dogs Like Beer
6. LoJo feeds Bailey some delicious, nutrious beer.

7. The M in M.E.A.D. Femtobrewery stands for Mark, alias Fritterboy, and Mark stands for good home-brewed beer.

8. The E in M.E.A.D. Femtobrewery stands for Eric.

9. The A in M.E.A.D. Femtobrewery stands for Andy, and Andy stands for good firm handshake.

Daryl MEAD
10. The D in M.E.A.D. Femtobrewery stands for Daryl, possibly one of the biggest ROX fans ever.

Cheap Gin
11. J makes a Boilermaker with cheap gin, in tribute to the thrifty people of West Lafayette, Indiana.

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