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J&B on the ROX
    [average 2 minutes/segment]
    Episode 5:  RUM & COKE special
      TITLE   "J & B on the ROX"
 1.   DISC:  Intro: a serious show providing a solemn
                    service to the community"‘"‘an educational
                    program"‘"‘glorifying responsible use of alcohol
                    "‘"‘this week's focus: RUM & COKE
 2.   FEAT:  Drink #1    SPICED RUM & COLA
                         1¼ Capt Morgan Spiced Rum
                         3 oz cola
                         lemon or lime twist
 3.   DISC:  Vocab word Assiduous
                        done with constant and careful attention
                        diligent; perservering
             Are we in fact assiduous?"‘"‘let's explore etymology
                        from Latin ad sedere, to sit
                        "to rest the weight of the body
                        upon the buttocks and the back of the 
                        thighs, as in a chair" 
             because when you sit down to do something it shows
             you're serious"‘"‘we're serious"‘"‘we're sitting down"‘"‘
             we sit down a lot (both on and off the show) because
             we're serious people
 4.   FEAT:  How we sit down
             Joe sits down
             Bart sits down 
 5.   DISC:  Compare and contrast the above (briefly)
             "‘"‘continuing with our theme of edification,
             point out that one meaning of the word "butt"
             is that it's a measure for wine or beer
             equivalent to two hogsheads or 126 gallons
             "‘"‘speaking of alcohol, let us have another drink
 6.   FEAT:  Drink #2     CUBA LIBRE (Free Cuba)
                        Juice ½ lime"‘"‘drop rind in glass
                        2 cubes of ice
                        2 oz rum  
                        ½ tsp Grenadine (variation)
                        fill glass w/cola & stir
 7.   DISC:  a high"‘minded program raising the level of cultural
                 literacy in Bloomington"‘"‘introduce Rum and Coke
                 (a play by Keith Reddin about the Bay of Pigs
                 "‘"‘one of America's finest moments)"‘"‘a brief
                 reading to whet the viewer's appetite"‘"‘speaking
                 of the arts here's a video
 8.   FEAT:  Art Video
 9.   DISC:  Continuing this Arts & Culture segment, we salute
             Peggy McLerran (?) for bringing clogging to Indiana
             "‘"‘sit back down and compliment ourselves on having
             promoted the arts most assiduously even while
             standing up"‘"‘but now we are sitting again, "resting
             our weight upon our buttocks""‘"‘other terms for
             buttocks"‘"‘distinction between rectum and buttocks"‘"‘
             other terms for rectum"‘"‘"bunghole," which of course
             originally refers to a hole in a keg thru which
             liquor can be poured in or drawn out"‘"‘another drink
 10.   FEAT:  Drink #3   COCORHUM COLA
                        1½ Cocorhum 
                        fill w/cola
                        garnish w/lime slice
 11.   DISC:  Seemingly we are drawn to the topic of buttocks
              again and again"‘"‘but moving around to the front of
              the pelvis...
 12.   FEAT:  Special Guest JIM KNOWLTON
              Penises of the Animal Kingdom
 13.   DISC:  So now we've discussed penises and buttocks"‘"‘
              how do these two themes fit together?  If you
              would like to explain this, write to us"‘"‘address
 14.   FEAT:  Yes, a serious show, providing a solemn educational
              service to the community"‘"‘expanding horizons"‘"‘
              introducing people to new things"‘"‘welcome to
                           Coprophagia Corner
              Show and briefly discuss picture
 15.   DISC:  Closer: we've come at last to the end of the program
                      "‘"‘This is J&B on the ROX"‘"‘oh, and send us a
                      bottle of J&B"‘"‘or write to us"‘"‘address"‘"‘bye

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