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FRAME Intro - segue to first drink of series
CLIP 02:47 Amaretto Sour (first ROX clip on YouTube)
FRAME transition: first ROX clip on YouTube → first video I posted on YouTube
CLIP 00:20 Tearing Down the House (first video I posted on YouTube)
FRAME statistical comparison
CLIP 00:38 Toe Sucking (most-viewed)
FRAME Go Viral or Die Tryin', distinction between views and watch time
CLIP 05:06 I Need All the Likes I Can Get (highest watch time & most likes)
FRAME statistical analysis, what makes a video viral?
CLIP 06:26 Banana Honey Cocoas (cute kid)
FRAME statistical analysis, spikes
CLIP 06:36 Wedding Anniversary (watch time spike, September 2013)
FRAME what caused these spikes?
CLIP 05:23 610 Stompers on Banks Street (view spike, June 2011)
FRAME truth about virality
CLIP 29:36 Noam Chomsky (watch time spike, Reddit March 2018)
FRAME our latest effort to Go Viral or Die Tryin'
CLIP 08:04 How to Mix an Amaretto Sour (how-to)
FRAME Statistical overview, outro

Rough estimate: 20 min. of clips, 10 min. of frame

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