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From: (the stoned age of television)
Subject: First Internet TV Series Premieres This Week
Date: 1995/04/17
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	On-demand video arrives in the homes 
	 of 'Net Surfers around the globe

     Experts have long agreed that the TV of the future will more 
closely resemble the Internet than TV "as we know it." Specifically, 
beyond 500 channels will be NO channels, just databases, from 
which viewers may download and watch whatever they want, 
whenever they want. 

     This week, the future arrives...on your desktop.

     A public-access TV program based in Bloomington, Indiana, 
will become the world's first on-demand Internet TV series, 
beginning Tuesday. ROX, "a nutty, bohemian blast of 
irreverence and imagination" (Indianapolis Star), will be available 
to computer users around the world--twenty-four hours a day, 
seven days a week, via the World Wide Web.

     On Tuesday, April 18, ROX episode 85, titled "Global Village 
Idiots," will premiere on the ROX Quarry 
<URL:>. Featuring mixed-drink recipes, 
full-frontal nudity, neural digitizers and frog-gigging, the thirty-
minute episode of ROX will pioneer a new form of entertainment: 

     For more information, or to join the RoxList e-mail list, 
contact ROX at <>.

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