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From Real People: The Magazine of Celebrities and Interesting People
May/June 1996
p. 17

"ROX": Though still in its infancy, cyberspace is already more crowded than a can of sardines... on the NYC subway... at rush hour... during a thunderstorm... with Godzilla on the loose above (Sorry, got a little carried away.) Among all that content, however, "Rox" stands out as one of a kind. Created in 1992 by Indiana University graduates Joe Nickell and Bart Everson, "Rox" began as (and remains to this day) a public access TV show that transforms the bleakest realities of everday Bloomington, IN, life into 30 minutes of social satire and bohemian adventure. One episode, for instance, finds host Christie [sic] Paxson sifting through the city's best-stocked dumpsters for "cool stuff;" another plants Nickell on the courthouse steps where he proceeds to -- how shall we put this? -- inhale cannabis smoke. Yet, popular as the show has become locally, its creators craved wider exposure. So a year ago this month they loaded "Rox" onto the Internet (, making it the world's first TV show in cyberspace. Since then, word has spread like wildfire, with even Bob "We Are The World" Geldof getting in on the act. After a few "Rox" snippets were featured recently on Geldof's TV show "Hotel Babylon," thousands of British viewers mined the web site, hungry for more of what at least one critic has called "a smarter Wayne's World." As for our critical take on the show, well, let's just say this -- :)

Real People

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