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December 26th, 2005

MF: Ah China! The land of paradox and contrast! A land where different centuries seem to co-exist. A guy in tattered peasant's clothes sells fish from a bamboo basket in front of a super-highrise. A horsecart shares the road with a bike and a BMW. You can eat dog meat and wash it down with a Coke. Strangers will invite you home for a meal, but they'll also run you over.

Don't believe the hype, positive or negative. It's not the next get-rich-quick capitalist playground. It's not the Hell on earth Richard Gere would have you believe. It's somewhere in the middle, just like the place you are now.

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Begging for Fun
MF gets hit up for spare change. The kid begging is not homeless, or really even destitute; his clean hair and nice jacket are giveaways. Curtis Hayes took the picture in Kaifeng, Henan province, in front of the Temple of the Chief Minister.

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