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Brad Wilhem Glitters
1. Brad Wilhelm, resplendent in rhinestone regalia, joined these puppets in unholy matrimony.

Puppet Rap
2. A forlorn puppet spits a profound declaration of love. Mr. G supplied the beat; J supplied the voice of Editor B.

Puppet Knight
3. The evil Bobby Knight tries to prevent the union of the two lovers. Amanda made the puppet.

4. J prepares to mix a big wedding punch concoction, "Christy and Bart's Grand Bowl."

Puppet Love
5. The puppets representing B and XY accurately reflect the height differential of the real couple. The puppets were joined in wedded bliss on September 25, 1993.

Puppet Crowd
6. Friends and family watch the puppet show wedding.

TBlack Interrupts the Ceremony
7. The ex-boyfriend attempts to derail the wedding. (Yes, that's the inimitable TBlack.)

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