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Pix for B & Xy's House on North Salcedo

More about B & Xy's House on North Salcedo

ROX: B & Xy's House on North Salcedo: Pix
B Under Bed
1. "...sleep under your bed..."

Study Yoga
2. "Study yoga, or the Bible, or Nietzsche."

J&B's Midlife Crisis
3. Title frame for "J&B's Midlife Crisis."

Rearrange It
4. "As the editor of this TV show, it's my job to chop the video up and rearrange it..."

I'm 36!
5. Editor B has an unpleasant realization: "The average life expectancy for the American male is 72. Half of 72 is 36. I'm 36. My God, my life is half over!"

Split Screen
6. J&B attempt to have a long-distance conversation.

Split Screen 2
7. J&B try another long-distance hosting technique, but B feels cramped on half a screen.

8. B explains why New Orleans' daily paper is called the Times-Picayune.

B Sums Up
9. "And we never did find any weapons of mass destruction, did we?"

B Slips a Tip to His Cool Cousins
10. Editor B shares some home improvement tips.

Hangover Title
11. Title for ROX #94, "Hangover Cures."

12. Editor B examines the floodline on his house in Mid-City New Orleans.

13. Shannon Sharpe was the realtor who brokered Xy & B's home purchase. That smile has been known to blind passing motorists.

14. B digs into the etymological roots of the crisis.

Keepin' It Wheel
15. Editor B demonstrates how to patch a flat tire.

Fat Title
16. Title frame for ROX #90.

The Image of Success
17. Maybe you'd get ahead if you upgraded your wardrobe.

Mohawk Toast
18. J raises a toast to B's mohawk.

J Tastes B&C
19. J doesn't seem to be enjoying his mix of Vitamin C and bourbon.

Paper Doll
20. "One day there won't be people at all. All there will be is Paper Dolls..."

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