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1. Ollie North testifies to Congress.

B Waves
2. A preadolescent B waves to the camera.

3. Mildred feeds the calves.

Only Forgotten Son
4. Steven says a prayer.

J Eats
5. J eats a meal in the Collins Cafeteria.

Joe's Turd
6. Title frame for "Joe's Turd."

Love You
7. "Fuck you, suck you, love you... and to hell with everything else."

Nancy Milks
8. Nancy milks a cow with a little help from Grandpa Rudy.

The Prices Are Nice
9. "The prices are all real nice, and you can always get a good bargain here at the mall."

10. Adil interviews an American shopper: "We don't have any shopping malls in Pakistan. Do you feel that they are a very American place to be?"

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