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Flag Behind Fence
1. Stars behind bars.

2. Pills to keep away chills.

Bart & Seth
3. Seth and Bart (right, later known as Editor B) sing a special version of an old campfire classic.

4. Seth clutches his head in anguish.

5. Why is this man putting this chair on this table?

Humanoid Artifact
6. This is one of the spookiest things you've ever seen.

Humanoid Head
7. Could this have been used as a 'frenzy object'?

Profile of the Artist as a Young Man
8. Editor B back in his grubby undergraduate days.

Video Shorts
9. Title frame for "Video Shorts." Clever, eh? Do you get it? It's a play on words.

Adil Answers
10. Adil Butt answers some very pointed questions about a curious word.

Editor B Raps
11. Editor B disses his Video Art classmates.

Poontang Title
12. Title frame for "Poontang."

Skinhead Rap Title
13. Title frame for "Skinhead Rap."

Something Very Nice
14. "The standard definition of poontang... It is something very nice. Is that a good enough definition?"

Like Mojo
15. "I think it's something sexual... a sexual power, like mojo."

Cracking Up
16. "This is a serious interview!"

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