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Jenny B
1. Jenny B -- librarian, archivist, mom!

Horror Dishes
2. It is an ordinary evening in a small town in Southern Indiana. Jenny B is doing the dishes when she hears a sound in the living room. She turns and gasps in horror at what she sees coming through the door...

Horror Suds
3. Oh my!

St. Jenny B
4. St. Jenny B have mercy on us!

Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
5. Clockwise from upper left: Jenny B holds an umbrella over J's head while TBlack pretends to smoke through the arm of a recliner and Editor B videotapes it all. (Photo by Kevin Stuart for the IDS.)

6. Young Giuseppe and his girlfriend order a hot chocolate. Behind them, a nasty old coffee addict shuffles past.

Jenny Books
7. Jenny B works at the IU Main Library, which is essentially a giant limestone box full of books.

8. J mixes a drink and makes a bad pun, with a little help from Jenny B as the mummy.

9. Jenny Beasley, the woman who dares to ask: "What?"

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