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Pix for Mr. G

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1. Mr. G joined the ROX crew for a pool party at an apartment in our neighborhood.

The Contrary Mr. G
2. Doggonit but that Mr. G is a contrary cuss. (That's Worm in the back seat.)

3. Mr. G follows behind the ROX camera crew. He's flashing his rear-view mirror at us just cuz he's so darn contrary!

Wheelchair Ramp
4. Chris and J help Mr. G ascend to the peak.

Mr. G Freaks Out
5. A nice view up the camera operator's nose.

Puppet-maker Mr. G
6. Mr. G made the puppet of Pat Thomas for the wedding.

Puppet Pat Thomas
7. The monstrous Pat Thomas, Branch Manager for the CBS/Columbia House Record and Tape Club, was artfully represented in puppet form by Mr. G.

Mr. G Teaches
8. Mr. G teaches the kids about the friendly number 10.

9. Mr. G is... The Instructionator!

J Is So Blurry
10. This is a picture of J's face. But really, it's a tribute to the "creative" camera work of Mr. G.

Camera Operator A
11. Mr. G, also known as Camer Operator A, demonstrates his signature style.

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