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Rampant drunken stupidity!

June 1st, 1992. Bloomington, Indiana. Two losers sit in a basement and get drunk in front of a video camera.

Such were the inauspicious origins of the long-running underground television series, ROX, which Wired magazine would praise as "the best TV show in America," which Time magazine would hail as "the first TV show broadcast in cyberspace."

But such heady accolades came years later. This DVD, created on the tenth anniversary of the series' inception, documents the humble origins of ROX. The incredibly low production values of the original — the wildly varying audio levels, the dark graininess of multigeneration VHS dubs — have been carefully preserved in digital form.

In celebration of a decade of debauchery, we present a "decadent remix" of our very first episode. In its abbreviated form, it may even be watchable. This DVD also includes the first two episodes of ROX in their full awfulness. View at your peril.

Make no mistake: These videos suck. They are offered not as a mark of excellence, but as historical documents of a shameful past.

Note: This is a DVD-R, which plays on 85% of existing players.

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January 18th, 2004
Stupidity And Technology - A Winning Combination!

Skippy: B sent me a copy of the Decadent DVD, which includes both ROX #1 and ROX #2 , along with B's “Decadent Remix” of #1.

There is, of course, a certain irony in using the latest technology to showcase something recorded on a fairly low-resolution camcorder; that is the existential paradox that is ROX.

For those of you who've seen the first two episodes, they're presented here in all their glorious low-techness, along with the “Decadent Remix”.

B's remix is interesting; it's basically a DJ-style remix of the first episode. It plays quite a bit faster than the original episode; one thing I'd like to have seen B do, though, would have been to sync everything up to a rhythm track (i.e., drums or bass & drums, etc.) and present it more as a quasi-musical piece.

Definitely a must-have for any ROX fan!!!


P.S. B, I definitely want a set of all the episodes on DVD!!!

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