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1. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we lit these candles in a urinal in the Indiana University's Main Library. What, you've got a better idea?

Freestanding Urinals
2. You can still find a few freestanding urinals, usually in older buildings.

2 Urinals
3. A marvel of symmetry.

3 Urinals
4. A trinity of urinals.

4 Urinals
5. I guess this is where all the dicks hang out.

Hi Lo
6. One hung low.

7. Hose 'em down.

Maddock Madstone
8. The mark of quality.

Trough Urinal
9. The trough urinal: one step away from barbarism.

Flowerpot Urinal
10. When restrooms change genders, hardware gets repurposed.

5 Urinals
11. Clean, gleaming models of efficiency.

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