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Title: an ugly coincidence
Type: production note
Date: June 8th, 2003

Going into season three, we actually got our act together enough to plan out most of the episodes in advance. At least, we planned the titles.

Since ROX episodes originally aired Tuesday nights at 11 pm on Bloomington Community Access Television, B went through a calendar and checked out which holidays happened to fall on Tuesdays that particular year. Valentine's Day was one of them. At the time, B and XY were newlyweds; Jenny B and I were newly-engageds; T Black was falling for Zoe; and Eric and Rachel had started a business together.

What better topic for a show, then, than love? And the title just seemed obvious — “Love on the ROX.” We knew at the time that none of our relationships were “on the rox,” but the title still seemed like a gooder.

Little did we know that, two weeks before Valentines Day, four months before Jenny and my scheduled wedding, less than a week before my mom planned to send out wedding invitations, Jenny B and I would break the knot before it was tied?

Perhaps some folks saw it coming; but this episode shows just how hard it was on me at the time.

The episode was shot in the living room at my pad, with the remnants of a keg that was purchased for now long-forgotten reasons. This features one of our rare, late-in-the-series sit-down cohosting segments. It was just too cold to wander around outside; and besides, I was so despondent, I probably woulda gotten lost.

It's kinda depressing to note that, as of 2003, only B and XY have managed to stick it out, among the four couples profiled in this episode. But on the bright side, TBlack and Jenny B and Eric and I are now all happily married (not to each other), and Jenny B even has one of the cutest little kids in the world.

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