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ROX #78: Love on the ROX

It ain't always pretty, folx.






Music By

Carl Orff
Dave Stewart

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Title: "Love on the ROX"

Series: ROX
Season: three
Episode Number: 78
Production Date: January 1st, 1995
Running Time: 29:30

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Production Notes:

June 8th, 2003
An Ugly Coincidence

J: Going into season three, we actually got our act together enough to plan out most of the episodes in advance. At least, we planned the titles.

Since ROX episodes originally aired Tuesday nights at 11 pm on Bloomington Community Access Television, B went through a calendar and checked out which holidays happened to fall on Tuesdays that particular year. Valentine's Day was one of them. At the time, B and XY were newlyweds; Jenny B and I were newly-engageds; T Black was falling for Zoe; and Eric and Rachel had started a business together.

What better topic for a show, then, than love? And the title just seemed obvious — “Love on the ROX.” We knew at the time that none of our relationships were “on the rox,” but the title still seemed like a gooder.

Little did we know that, two weeks before Valentines Day, four months before Jenny and my scheduled wedding, less than a week... [More...]

January 27th, 2004
Another Perspective

Zoe: I would like to make a comment about the Love on the Rox episode update. I think it was J that wrote:

“It's kinda depressing to note that, as of 2003, only B and XY have managed to stick it out, among the four couples profiled in this episode....”

I was kind of sad to read the negative spin put on this 2003 update as if breaking up is necessarily depressing.

As “Zoe” I would like to mention that TBlack (now known as Hong Tai Rei) and I are even closer now than when we were the couple profiled on that episode. His mother and I still correspond. In 2001, I was quite happy to urge him to move to Taiwan to seek his fortune, which is a hard thing to find but we are all getting closer.

In truth, it is decidedly NOT depressing that we did not manage “to stick it out.”

Zoe (also very happily married)

Media for Love on the ROX:
Pix for Love on the ROX:
J&B on the Keg
J pumps the keg while B fills his cup.

Luv on the ROX
J gets ready to mix a "Luv on the ROX."

J mixes the Pisser to celebrate love gone sour.

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