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We Need A New God (or gods, as it were...)



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Title: We Need A New God (or gods, as it were...)
Type: production note
Date: August 11th, 2003

W. Owen:
Some of you watching this one may notice my moniker in the closing credits as “intern” (unless of course you're far too crocked or stoned by this point in the show to register much of anything).

Actually I'd been itching to work on the show in some capacity for a while, and as it happened one day I went over to their spread (344 S. Dunn, the tearing down of which I'm still righteously pissed about), and was informed by B that he was about to edit said episode and could really use some good insert shots of the various “god” personages for the Viewer Mail segment at the end. He gave me a copy of the letter and explained the whole deal, and off I went with camcorder in hand. Had to look all over downtown to track down pictures of all of those folks, and the vast majority turned up in places that don't even exist anymore (White Rabbit, Bookcellar, the original top floor of MCPL), but I perservered and got all of 'em.

Little did I know that in the final cut, this segment would show up well after the end credits rolled, and the first time this aired I was sitting there wondering “so where the fuck am I, already??” But at long last there it was, tacked onto the tail end. Still rather pleased with those Elvis shots in particular, and Brad's - er, Maynard's - idea about a pantheon of multiple modern-day gods and demigods still sounds tons more rational to me than the Jesus Ãœber Alles para-dig'em ever did.

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