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A place of legend




Title: A place of legend
Type: production note
Date: June 10th, 2004

521 N. Washington was the first of two Bloomington rentals shared by myself and B (the other being 344 South Dunn).

Curiously, though perhaps not coincidentally, both of them were torn down within a decade after we lived in them.

We moved into this place after a lengthy search uncovered nothing better. It was utterly run-down, desperately in need of repairs, and seemed to even tilt to one side, although that may only have been a drug-induced illusion.

I bought a motorcycle from one of the previous residents; and we inherited all sorts of crap from the other previous resident, who neglected to remove all of his stuff from the house until we'd already lived there for four months or so.

Such was life among the slack set.

The motorcycle that I bought broke down a few months later, but not before I managed to destroy our first video camera while trying to videotape while driving said motorcycle (see ROX #14).

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