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typhoon vs hurricane




Title: typhoon vs hurricane
Type: review
Date: September 15th, 2004

i was just teasing b about american mainlanders being such pussies in the face of hurricane ivan...of course, it's a tragedy when folx get hurt or kilt...yes, hurricanes are dangerous and you need to take precautions and play it safe...but relatively, you all got it EZ...

yeah,'s rough for y'all who live on the coast or the pennisula during the storm...but taiwan is ALL on the coast and it's too small to have a pennisula... we're half the size of indiana and we get pounded by typhoons on a daily and weekly basis for 3 months every year, the 4 seasons here are spring, summer, typhoon and winter...what's the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon??? one's in the atlantic and the others in the pacific...

so, weep not for jeb's rich and retired constituents... they'll be well takin' care of by the commitee to re-elect G..... Oh F@%#!!! i can't even finish the thought without my acid reflux acting's the beautiful people in jamaica, cuba and taiwan you should be crossin' your fingers for...

got to go baton down the hatches, typhoon #4 this month (there're to many to name) is hitting tonight...

oh yeah, Taiwan ROX #90

aka hong tai rei

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