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Title: "Fat"

Series: ROX
Season: four
Episode Number: 90
Production Date: April 13th, 2004
Running Time: 70:00

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Production Notes:

April 13th, 2004
Fat Fat And All That

B: ROX #90 is extreme in at least four ways.

At over an hour, it is the longest episode in the series to date.

It also has the shortest title: “Fat.”

This show covers more geographical area than ever before, with scenes shot in three states and Taiwan.

It took longer to make this show than any program we've done so far. J started shooting in February of 2003, and I finished editing in April of 2004. But unlike ROX #87, which also took over a year to produce, it's my belief that all the extra time that went into the show actually made it better.

Indeed, I think this may be the... [More...]


April 22nd, 2004
ROX #90 Review

T Bill: “Fat” is funky and leisurely paced much like a Parliament record from the 1970's. The episode switches from the colorful imagery of Mardi Gras parades and vegan lunches to the stark contrast of burnt out cars and urban wasteland. My favorite part may have been the visit to St.Roch's chapel and cemetery in New Orleans. Eyeballs on a plate is an image I won't soon forget. It still all remains connected together with a central theme reinforcing the idea of a heavy concept album. This could well be ROX's Sgt.Pepper.

July 9th, 2004
Oh My God.

Nate Johnson: Oh my god.

If you haven't seen this episode yet, you seriously need to. I just finished watching my very own copy of ROX #90 on DVD. You should buy a copy of it and watch it on your nice home theater, not a lousy little pop up window on your cheap computer monitor. I think you can get the DVD here:

Well maybe you should be able to get it there. Shit I don't know.

Anyway the point is that yet again J and B tirelessly take you just beyond the limit of normally acceptable humor to make you say “Oh my god!”.

You think I'm just shamelessly plugging this so that more... [More...]

Media for Fat:
Pix for Fat:
PJ Shows His Wits
PJ makes a damn spectacle of himself at the Bacchus parade.

Does that turn you on?

Bunny Trio
Watch out for the bad-ass rabbits that roam the French Quarter looking for trouble.

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