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Title: Ah, those sepia-toned memories...
Type: production note
Date: October 13th, 2004

Brad Wilhelm:
Yep, my wedding reception was featured on J&B on the Rox.
It amazes me to this day that some random person will approach me and say, “I saw your weddin' on channel 3 with them drinkin' guys”.
The best part about the episode for me ( warning - sincere comment approaching )was the small piece with me and my Grandfather, George Wilhelm. George is a guy who worked hard all his life and never bitched, never left his wife ( no matter what a monster she was )always loved and helped his kids and grandkids, and always did what he could for those less fortunate than him. He was a union man and that meant something to him. He's almost 90 now and won't be around much longer. He still eats fried onion sandwiches and cries when we visit. He can't bathe himself or walk without assistance, and he wants to die. It makes me very sad to see him now, and my 5 year old daughter uneasy around him.
When my daughter is older, I'll show her this episode and let her know that she can be proud of at least one branch of her genetic tree.

Oh, and my wife, Cheryll, wants to make it known that her name is Cheryll Elmore, not Cheryll Wilhelm.

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