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Title: "Sloppy But Quick"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 37
Production Date: September 5th, 1993
Running Time: 37:52

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Production Notes:

July 10th, 2003
Fast And Free-Flowing

B: It was the third show of our second season. We'd had all summer to get ahead of the game, but already we were perilously close to falling behind schedule. We took deadlines seriously in those days, even though they were entirely self-imposed, so we made “Sloppy But Quick.”

The idea was to shoot a show that would be supremely easy to assemble in the editing booth. It's just a typical Sunday in Bloomington, Indiana. We spent the day wandering through the streets, videotaping whatever and whomever we happened to run into. The resulting program might be a little sloppy in places, but it... [More...]

October 13th, 2004
Ah, Those Sepia-toned Memories...

Brad Wilhelm: Yep, my wedding reception was featured on J&B on the Rox.
It amazes me to this day that some random person will approach me and say, “I saw your weddin' on channel 3 with them drinkin' guys”.
The best part about the episode for me ( warning - sincere comment approaching )was the small piece with me and my Grandfather, George Wilhelm. George is a guy who worked hard all his life and never bitched, never left his wife ( no matter what a monster she was )always loved and helped his kids and grandkids, and always did what he could for those less fortunate than him. He was a union man and that... [More...]


September 30th, 2009
R.I.P. George Wilhelm

Brad Wilhelm: Some of you might remember my grandfather from ROX #37 where J and B and Xy came and made fun of my wedding reception.

He died [yesterday] morning and I wrote this for myself, and in the true ROX tradition am sharing it with relative strangers:

George Wilhelm died this morning.

He was 94 years old, married to Helen Wilhelm for 70 years,. Faithful member of the St Gabriel Catholic Church in Connersville Indiana, employed at Roots Blower Plant for 40 years. He had 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and incalculable numbers of great and great great grand children.

That will be the official... [More...]

Media for Sloppy But Quick:
Pix for Sloppy But Quick:
Ooze Interview
We don't know why he called himself Ooze, or really anything about him. We just ran into him on the street.

Mystery Piper
We don't know who she is.

4th Street '93
We videotaped at the Fourth Street Festival in 1993, to the consternation of many artists.

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