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Title: Wrapped
Type: production note
Date: March 17th, 2006

ROX #93 is done at last and available for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps pleasure is the wrong word, as this episode deals with some pretty painful stuff: namely the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

We struggled with a name for this one. At first we were going to call it “Stranded in Bloomington,” but it ended up not being about Bloomington after all. I thought about calling it “Katrina Was a Bitch” but as Xy pointed out that's kind of obvious and seems more appropriate for a t-shirt shop on Bourbon Street. Then I thought about calling it “The Worst Thing Ever” or “A Big Fucking Bummer” but decided on “After the Storm.” And finally I changed it to “After the Levees Failed” because that seemed more to the point.

As always, I've got severe misgivings about the program. Does it make light of a serious situation? Yes, it does, and I worry that some people might take it the wrong way. The last thing I want to do is make somebody who's already suffering because of Katrina cry some more.

But maybe it will make somebody laugh. Hopefully. We could use a laugh.

Anyway, thanks to all the many people who helped us pull this one together.

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