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Title: ROX vs. Katrina
Type: review
Date: March 20th, 2006

Rex Dart:
Well, I finally got to see this episode. It's by far my favorite since ROX awoke from its long hibernation.

It's tricky to cover a tragedy of this magnitude in a show like this, but I believe you all hit the right notes. I think not talking over the various shots of devastion in your home and elsewhere was the right choice. The shots of ruined pictures, etc. were a harsh reminder of the irreplacable stuff that's lost in disasters like this. Checks from the government can't help with that.

The show's lighter moments worked for me, as well. I don't know why, but J taping the phone to his head just cracked me up. But even though hurricanes are among my favorite mixed drinks, I thought it was too obvious a choice here. Maybe some sort of variation on the drink would have worked. Besides, haven't you all mixed hurricanes on the show before? A person loses track after 93 episodes. And 93 drinks, for that matter.

I like Michael. You should have him on the show again. I liked Nikki, too, but that was probably because she was cute.

All in all, a fine episode.

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