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"Our cocaine, Cobain, Beck, loser... ass-end of a generation."



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Title: "Our cocaine, Cobain, Beck, loser... ass-end of a generation."
Type: review
Date: March 24th, 2006

Mr. Mike:
Truly the one episode of ROX that let the voice of a generation speak for itself, ROX #71 featured banana-humping from the teen art group “Another Moon Soup”, a quizzical “MTV Real World” sketch, and the charming female gang “Dum Hos Wit Knives”, who pull a drive-by fruiting.

However, this episode posed a number of unanswered questions. If the “Generation X” label was concocted by Douglas Rushkoff (stealing the name of Billy Idol's punk band), who thought it would be cute to call the next generation “Generation Y”? And why did J & B's friend give them a bottle of “Pure White 40” (a damn scary name for a hair product) without the stuff that holds the hair dye in?

Finally, the best stuff was at the beginning and end of the episode. Seeing J mix a “whiner” was priceless, while the final rant by the high school student (some of which is in this review's title) was a work of genius, but only if you have coherent memories of 1994.

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