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crushed ice
chocolate milk (pour it all in)
2 oz maple syrup
chocolate mint liqueur (pour half in)
coffee-flavored liqueur (pour half in)
whipped cream


Save the whipped cream cannister so you can huff the nitrous.

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Production Notes:

June 10th, 2004
An Actual Drink To Get You Actually Drunk

J: The Fat Albert represents one of those rare cameo appearances by drinks invented by someone other than me, J, your bartender.

In rock-and-roll terms, think of this drink as a choice cover tune played by a musician who rarely acknowledges or pays homage to the musicians who came before him, even if he probably would do well to study their work very carefully.

Another distinguishing attribute of this drink is that it's actually pleasant on the tongue, and leaves a fine aftertaste.

Which is, again, somewhat rare among the drinks mixed on this show.

You'd like this one. Unless you don't like the taste of mint. Or sugar. Or chocolate.

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Niki Tastes
Niki tastes the Fat Albert.

Jorge Gets Fat
Jorge tastes the Fat Albert.

Fat Albert Title
J gets ready to mix a Fat Albert.

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