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Worth the trouble.


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Every year, I host a Kentucky Derby Party. That's because I'm from Kentucky. And, because at Kentucky Derby Parties, the drink of choice is the Mint Julep — and this is, without question, my favorite cocktail of all time.


crushed ice
20 mint leaves (per drink)
1 TB honey
2 oz water
Kentucky bourbon


Muddle the mint together with the honey in a pewter or silver cup. Muddling is a distinct art unto itself. For beginners, the basic idea is to crush and twist and smack and otherwise terrorize the mint with some kind of blunt object, until it resembles the chaw from some redneck mo'fo's cheek after a day of spitting and grinding. Then, add the water and bourbon. Oh, and the crushed ice. Sip it. Don't swig it. This is the most refined, delicate drink you'll find on this show, or on earth, depending on what you consider the bounds of your reality. Savor it.

Distinctly worth it.

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Silver or Pewter Cup

Few people realize that an authentic mint julep must be served in a silver or pewter cup.

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20 Mint Leaves
A good mint julep requires fresh mint. Special thanx to our friend Diane who supplied us with mint from her very own garden.

Mint Julep
J prepares to mix a mint julep.

Worth It
J concludes that a properly concocted mint julep is worth the trouble.

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