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Sorrows Drownder

In lieu of success, in lieu of happiness... we drink.


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Matt's had it tough in Missoula. Economically, anyway. Hey, he's a freakin' grad student; what would you expect? A grad student who arrived in Missoula on a bicycle which he rode from Kentucky, by way of a bunch of “intentional communities” and an unintentionally long stopover at the Rainbow Gathering. Hippy? Nah. Slacker? Nah. Dreamer? Drinker? Jah.


Seagram's Seven Crown
peppermint schnapps


Mix them all together, using the patented Rox Finger Technique. Proportions aren't really important, since you've probably already had too much to drink by the time you make this anyway.

As Matt mixes, J comments: “Juicy...fizzy...moist: it's like love in a glass!”

“It makes everything better,” Matt replies. “It's a sorrow's drownder.”

Only then does he take a sip.

“That's actually pretty good,” he says, surprised.

“You look less sorry already,” notes J.

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Finger Technique

Cousin Matt demonstrates the famous ROX “finger technique.”

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Cousin Matt drowns his sorrows.

Sorrows Drownder
Cousin Matt mixes a special drink to drown his sorrows.

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