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The Pisser

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If you really wanna get your salivary glands cranking, try this one.


One ounce of cheap vodka
Some cranberry juice — to stimulate the bladder
Some lemon juice — to stimulate the spitter


Mix it all, and take a sip. No wait, take a big suck. After all, you'll hardly be able to unpucker your lips after one taste of this foul concoction.

Looking back on this episode, I musta been seriously distracted by my personal problems at the time. I'm mostly vacant and unresponsive during our cohosting segments — a fact that can't be explained away even by the half-empty keg of beer that we tugged at as we hosted the show; nor can it be explained away by the fact that I'm usually vacant and distracted during the taping of ANY show.

I'm just plain out of it. And the drinks are a disaster. If there's one show you should not try mixing along with, it's this one.

Or, the other ones.

“Too much lemon juice in that.”

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J mixes the Pisser to celebrate love gone sour.

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