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Tying One On
1. Title frame for "Tying One On." (Revised 2003)

Black Hands
2. XY is covered with black paint after painting the puppet stage. How many brides get this dirty for their wedding? Jeff Lee built the stage.

Big Day
3. The groom's mind is devoid of content on his wedding day.

Puppet B
4. The skinny puppet of Editor B was made by the talented Christy Davis.

Puppet XY
5. Angela made this beautiful puppet to represent XY. As a special touch of realism, her head is full of Play-Doh.

Puppet-maker Angela
6. Angela made the XY puppet for the wedding.

Puppet Pat Thomas
7. The monstrous Pat Thomas, Branch Manager for the CBS/Columbia House Record and Tape Club, was artfully represented in puppet form by Mr. G.

Puppet-maker Mr. G
8. Mr. G made the puppet of Pat Thomas for the wedding.

Eric Narrates
9. Eric supplied the deep, booming voice of the narrator for B & XY's puppet show wedding.

Puppet Love
10. The puppets representing B and XY accurately reflect the height differential of the real couple. The puppets were joined in wedded bliss on September 25, 1993.

Puppet Rap
11. A forlorn puppet spits a profound declaration of love. Mr. G supplied the beat; J supplied the voice of Editor B.

Puppet Knight
12. The evil Bobby Knight tries to prevent the union of the two lovers. Amanda made the puppet.

Mike and Arie
13. XY's father and grandfather stand outside the Monroe County Injustice Building before B and XY's legal marriage ceremony.

Jim Fielder Officiates
14. County Clerk Jim Fielder stands before the Indiana Seal as he pronounces B and XY man and wife. Jim's pretty hip for a Republican!

XY Cracks Up
15. During the legal marriage ceremony, XY got a bad case of the giggles.

Puppet Crowd
16. Friends and family watch the puppet show wedding.

Brad Wilhem Glitters
17. Brad Wilhelm, resplendent in rhinestone regalia, joined these puppets in unholy matrimony.

TBlack Interrupts the Ceremony
18. The ex-boyfriend attempts to derail the wedding. (Yes, that's the inimitable TBlack.)

19. J prepares to mix a big wedding punch concoction, "Christy and Bart's Grand Bowl."

20. Look it up if you don't know what it means.

Tying Original
21. Original title frame for "Tying One On."

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