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ROX #41: Tying One On

B and XY's famous puppet-show wedding






Music By

Carl Orff
Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli


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Title: "Tying One On"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 41
Production Date: September 25th, 1993
Running Time: 30:48

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Production Notes:

June 5th, 2003
We Did It Our Way

B: I had had never thought of myself as the “marrying kind,” mainly because I couldn't envision standing at an altar in a traditional wedding ceremony.

But one day it dawned on me that a wedding didn't have to be so traditional. It could be anything that my bride and I wanted it to be. It could be a lot of fun!

I asked XY to marry me that evening.

Our wedding was called “the slacker event of the year” by NUVO Newsweekly in Indianapolis. It consisted of a puppet show in two acts, written in rhymed couplets. Christy and I came up with the script; the puppets were made by artist... [More...]

October 15th, 2004
Never Even Got To See It--

Angela: --although the actual wedding was quite the event itself, both legal and social ones.
the cake frosting made me want to eat sticks of whole butter for weeks.
the assumption of randon “people” who thought it was a free for all was almost as amusing as watching the groom's party through the window in the parking lot across the street--

i want a copy, mr. blister.

June 9th, 2018
Misfit Love

Eric White: What a great episode! It implicitly asks the eternal question: are we all just puppets playing ourselves? All I remembered from that night was being embarrassed by my vocal impression of Bobby Knight. But looking back at the show, I really put a lot of energy into that narration & evil boss character. I love that Christy is so nervous, happy & freaked out by the experience of getting married that she laughs through the whole courthouse ceremony. It’s super sweet.

The sketchy sound quality of the live puppet show necessitated the outdoor takes and cutting back & forth keeps the show a... [More...]

Media for Tying One On:
Pix for Tying One On:
Black Hands
XY is covered with black paint after painting the puppet stage. How many brides get this dirty for their wedding? Jeff Lee built the stage.

Puppet B
The skinny puppet of Editor B was made by the talented Christy Davis.

Puppet XY
Angela made this beautiful puppet to represent XY. As a special touch of realism, her head is full of Play-Doh.

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