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Pix for Six Six Six

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ROX: Six Six Six: Pix
Six Six Six
1. Title frame for "Six Six Six."

2. XY had a cold, so she asked J to make her a medicinal drink.

Medicinal Brandy
3. J gets ready to mix a medicinal brandy for XY.

Medicinal Drink
4. XY takes a sip from the piping hot medicinal concoction.

Medicinal Effect
5. Wow! XY is full of vim and vigor after the healing power of J's medicinal beverage.

This is REAL Television
6. "This is REAL television!"

Michael White
7. Michael White, director of CATS (then BCAT), appeared with J&B on Studio Six.

Michael Ward
8. Hey, that's not Michael White!

9. Editor B rewinds the tape.

Words of Wisdom
10. J explains his mixological philosophy.

Meanwhile, Back on Real TV
11. We played that two second clip of Diane Ward again and again and again.

Cold's Banishment Tea
12. We got some Cold's Banishment Tea from the local headshop, the Eye.

Mintal Ward
13. J prepares to mix a Mintal Ward, a tribute to Diane Ward, and J's first silent drink!

Cam on TV
14. B shoots himself on the monitor in Studio Six.

Diane Logo
15. Diane introduces the show (Studio Six, not ROX) in front of her snazzy logo.

Studio Six Sign
16. The Studio Six television series was named after the studio in which it was produced.

Studio Six Six Six
17. Our version of the Studio Six logo.

J Slides
18. J slides on an icy sidewalk.

Two Ounces
19. J uses sign language to indicate that you should add two ounces of creme de menthe to your drink.

Three Dollops
20. Nothing makes a drink taste good like a dollop or three of ice cream. Mmmm!

Purple B
21. B discusses the constructed reality of television.

Double Take
22. J appears startled to see himself on the monitor during the taping of Studio Six.

No Glory
23. XY doesn't always get to share in the glory, but the show wouldn't be the same without her.

A Ward and Award
24. Diane Ward fondles our trophy from the Indiana Film Society.

B Slips
25. B slips on an icy sidewalk.

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