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ROX #54: Six Six Six

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Music By

Carl Orff
Tribal Drummers

Title: "Six Six Six"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 54
Production Date: February 15th, 1994
Running Time: 29:30

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Production Notes:

August 20th, 2003
A Prize-Winning Show About Being On Another Show For Winning A Prize With A Previous Show

B: ROX #54, “Six Six Six,” won a Citation Award in the Indiana Film Society's 1994 Film & Video Competition. This was kinda funny. We won Best of Show in the previous year's contest with “A Toast to Poverty.” And of course, it was winning that first award that got us on “Studio Six,” hosted by Diane Ward, which is what “Six Six Six” is all about. Confusing, ain't it?

Media for Six Six Six:
Pix for Six Six Six:
Medicinal Drink
XY takes a sip from the piping hot medicinal concoction.

Medicinal Effect
Wow! XY is full of vim and vigor after the healing power of J's medicinal beverage.

Cam on TV
B shoots himself on the monitor in Studio Six.

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