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September 19th, 1994

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September 19th, 2004
Three Little Letters

B: Because of the fucked-up nature of the domain name system, short names are in short supply. That makes a three-letter name in the popular “dot com” domain — like — a somewhat valuable piece of property.

We get unsolicited offers every now and then, asking how much money we'd want for the name. I tell them is not for sale, but some people are unwilling to accept that; they're almost offended; surely I understand that in our society everything is for sale? I tell these people that we'd have to see at least six figures before we'd even be willing to discuss it. That shuts 'em up.

The funny thing is, we didn't have to pay a penny to reserve this name in the first place. Back in 1994, registration was free for the asking. It was kind of like Oklahoma, or wherever, back when you could just stake a claim to some land and it would be yours.

The system may not be logical or fair or right, but we've got our virtual estate and we're keeping it.

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