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Hey, that's me!

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August 22nd, 2004
Blame Him

B: Eric Ost is the one who first gave us the idea of putting ROX on-line. This was way back in 1993. We really didn't understand anything he told us, but it sounded cool. World Wide Web? What the hell was that, anyway?

Later, he sat down with me and we posted a summary of the “J&B Get Baked” debacle (ROX #59) to some drug-related newsgroups (MTV had just played a clip on their Straight Dope news special). I was very confused by the whole experience, and I spent a lot of time back home on J's Mac trying to read the newsgroups to which we had posted, or ANY newsgroups for that matter, but I just couldn't figure the 'Net out

In September of 1994, Eric reserved our domain name for us ( but it took us a few months to get a host and a webmaster. In the interim, Eric helped us establish a homepage of sorts on Xy's account at IU.

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