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First TV Series Distributed Via Internet

April 15th, 1995

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April 15th, 2005
Ten Years Gone

B: Wow. To most Americans, today is tax day, but to us it's the ten year anniversary of the premier of ROX on the internet. At the time we believed we were the first — that is, the first television series actually distributed online. Time magazine even wrote an article about us.

And we still think we were first. Our research has uncovered no other credible claims.

So where does this get us? Where are we ten years after this stupendous, ground-breaking technological feat?

Nowhere, really. Maybe a footnote in some history book some day. Maybe not. Certainly we never figured out how to parlay this into a vocation.

And as if to prove that we're still in the multimedia ghetto, today our media host,, is down. So, ironically, you can't watch most of our videos.

But that's OK. We're not complaining. We've found other ways to keep body and soul together, and ROX remains a domain for the free expression of whatever we want it to be. We never sold out — no one ever made an offer.

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Hello World
This low-resolution image was taken from the very first clip we put on-line. This is what video on the Web looked like back in 1995.

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