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O blackest hour of my deep despair
Where is your deadly sting, now where
Is your venom, your poison, to end my pain --
The bitter reproach that racks my brain?
Yes, once I was proud and self-possessed;
I never was wrong and I always knew best.
But now that my heart has humbled my mind,
For days and for months and for years now I find
Just one face always and ever before me.
My thoughts revolve around her only.
C - H - R - I - S - T Paxson:
When we met girl, it was no accident;
No! It was meant to be,
And you were meant to see that you were meant for me.
And I can't prevent this — it's relentless --
It comes on like a Khan named Genghis.
That's right I got a message for you dear;
Now I'm not afraid of making it too clear:
I'd gladly give what's left of my brain
If only I could see you again.

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Puppet Rap

A forlorn puppet spits a profound declaration of love. Mr. G supplied the beat; J supplied the voice of Editor B.

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